Chef + AWS DevOps Successes


Together, Amazon Web Services and Chef team up to take DevOps and Compliance further, making Infrastructure as Code a game-changing reality for projects, teams and workloads of all sizes. If you're already running on AWS, or thinking of moving your data center services to the cloud, Chef's close integration with AWS means that your infrastructure will be fast, compliant and agile. And now, with just a click you can spin up Chef Server and Compliance AMIs and get instant access to premium features, usage-based pricing, and one consolidated AWS bill.

Use Cases

Here are some ways you can get the most out of Chef and AWS:

Create your base Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) using Chef
Spin up Chef AMIs directly from the AWS Marketplace with one click, providing instant access to premium features, usage-based pricing, and one consolidated AWS bill.
Manage AWS Resources. Get your AWS infrastructure set up quickly and easily. Manage EC2 instances directly and leverage the cookbooks to manage AWS resources such as Security Groups, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Elastic Block Storage volumes (EBS).
Automate Hybrid deployments. Chef provides automation support in your on-prem datacenter, AWS cloud and other cloud providers. Choosing Chef gives you ultimate flexibility and future proofs your automation investments.
Provision Machine Clusters. Chef provisioning allows you to holistically manage your entire application stack topology within AWS. With a single recipe, manage and orchestrate a multi-tiered application that relies on multiple AWS services.
Ensure Availability. High availability (HA) is a premium feature of Chef that protects you if your Chef server fails. Chef provides a plugin for AWS that migrates a virtual IP address and an EBS volume from one Chef backend to another.
Drive Innovation. Chef lets you create fully configured environments on AWS with the push of a button, giving your developers the power to spin up consistent environments where they can experiment and innovate.
Deliver New Features. Chef lets you to deliver new features faster than ever. Use Chef to build a delivery pipeline on AWS with environments that mirror your production environment.
Incorporate Chef into a CloudFormation template and autoscale by updating your autoscaling group without having to create new AMIs.
Manage every aspect of your AWS cloud environment with Chef. Here's an example. Have the demands on your infrastructure increased so that you've outgrown the ephemeral storage size limits? Do you need to set up a RAID array for your data? With Chef, you can write code that makes configuring RAID for Elastic Block Storage (EBS) a versionable, repeatable process.

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